What is Borrow-a-Burglar?

Ever wondered just how safe your home really Is? What better way than to hire an ex-burglar to come and take a look?

Here at Boundary, we’re launching a brand-new service ‘Borrow-a-Burglar’, where you can literally hire a former burglar to test your home security. Our in-house expert and reformed burglar Luke Harris will take a look around your home, to find out how safe it really is. After the initial surveillance, Luke will offer some advice on how to better protect your home against criminals.  

Who better to show you how a burglar might break into your home, than someone that used to make a living from it?

We hired ex-burglar Luke Harris back in 2020, after he gave up a life of looting six years ago. Having spent 12 years of his life burgling from the public, Luke decided to right his wrongs by joining the Boundary team as a consultant and settled down with his long-term partner and two children. 

UK homeowners will get the chance to have a one-to-one consultation with Luke, where he will assess how safe your home really is from the perspective of someone who knows all the ‘tricks of the trade’.

How do I sign up to Borrow-a-Burglar?

You can sign up to the service via the form below until Friday 30th July – successful entrants will be chosen at random and notified about the one-on-one service visit by Friday 6th August.

Sign up for the Borrow-a-Burglar service below:

We’re also on the lookout for reformed ex-burglars who might be interested in joining and expanding our service. If that’s you, click here to view the vacancy page.